Denk je aan zelfdoding?

We zijn er voor je. 
Je kunt met ons geheel anoniem bellen of chatten. 

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Thinking of suicide?

We’re here for you. 
Call or chat with us anonymously.

Is your life in immediate danger? Call 112 immediately.

If your life is not in immediate danger but you could still use help, call 113 (standard rate) or 0800-0113 (free of charge) or start an online chat.

Are you thinking about suicide? Take it seriously and don't try to deal with it alone. You can get in touch with one of our counsellors at any time. Share what's on your mind. Take a break from your worries. Our helpline is here for you day and night. You can either call or chat with us online – whichever works for you. And it goes without saying, all our conversations are anonymous and confidential.

113 chat  

Do you find it challenging to speak on the phone? Do you find it easier to write things down? Then you can start an online chat with us instead.  Sign up anonymously and chat confidentially to one of our counsellors. Our chatline is available night and day. At busy times, it may be a little while before we can chat with you.  

“You can tell your story openly and honestly because it's anonymous, but it's very personal at the same time.” 

What happens when you start a chat? 

Watch the videos below to get an idea of what you can expect when you start a chat. Fleur talks about her experience of asking for help. Elwin is a counsellor at 113. Both videos are in Dutch with English subtitles.

Call 113  

Call us on 113 (normal rates) or free of charge on 0800-0113. We are here for you 24 hours a day. We'll only ask you for your name – and you’re welcome to use any name you prefer. We won't ask you for any other information. If we're very busy, we may have to keep our conversation a little short. But of course, we will be able to talk to you at greater length again once things quieten down.

For technical reasons, unfortunately our crisis telephone number (113 or 0800 - 0113) is only accessible for people calling from within the Netherlands. If you are not currently in the Netherlands, but you need help, you can reach us through chat.

“Telling your story anonymously doesn't make it any less personal. But it does make it easier to be open and honest.”

Are you worried about someone else?

Are you worried about someone else and would you like to talk to us about it? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Safety plan

It's hard to think clearly when you're in a state of crisis. That's why it's good to create a safety plan to fall back on when you're in distress. A list of things to help you navigate hard times. Things like listening to your favourite music or talking to a friend. 

Read more about the safety plan

A safety plan is a step-by-step plan that lists what to do in a crisis. But mostly, it helps you avoid a crisis in the first place. Firstly, by helping you to identify the early signs. Then you can read through your plan to know what to do to soothe yourself and cope when you're struggling.  

We have made a template that you can use to create your own plan.

Download the 'safety plan' template (PDF)

What does the plan consist of? 

The plan is easy to make. It's made up of six questions. For each of the questions, it's good to give careful thought to what suits you and what works best for you. What are the signs that you're starting to struggle? What soothes you? Who can you rely on and who can you call when you’re in real distress?

What should you do with the plan? 

We recommend making a plan immediately instead of waiting for a crisis. You can then save the PDF on your phone or print it out and keep it in your jacket or bag.  That means you'll always have it at hand when you need it. It's also a good idea to discuss it and share it with other people. That way, they'll know how to help you if you need it.